BARD Training Videos for boat builders: Boating Accidents

U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database Training Videos

Training videos / Tutorials on how to use the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD). These were produced by Gary Polson of / Polson Enterprises.

We hope these videos encourage boating safety professionals and those developing boating safety related products to use the BARD database. They can use it to better understand boating accidents and to optimize their boat accident prevention / mitigation efforts.

Those efforts may be behavioral efforts:

  1. encourage wearing of life jackets

Device based efforts:

  1. develop new devices to prevent boat accidents like an automatic kill switch system that does not require use of a fob

Or Regulatory based efforts:

  1. like the recent mandatory wear of kill switch lanyards law

Post Sale Monitoring Product Safety

We especially hope boat builders will use our videos to help them take advantage of the opportunity the U.S. Coast Guard BARD database provides. BARD allows boat builders to Post Sale Monitor the safety of their boats. Builders can identify accidents involving their products in BARD. Once a problem is identified, builders can study it, and design safer boats.

A thorough boatbuilder Post Sale Monitoring program includes other tools. But BARD is definitely a major arrow in their quiver.

Malibu Boats, the towboat / ski boat manufacturer is used as an example in our Boat Builder training videos.

Post sale monitoring of product safety is sometimes called post sale surveillance or post market surveillance.


All materials provided here are for educational purposes. This is NOT professional advice.

How to View the BARD Training Videos

Please note we provide links to related materials below the videos.

These nine BARD instructional videos are also on YouTube. They are on YouTube as two play lists, one introductory playlist, and one playlist for boat builders.

The videos cover the materials pretty quickly. You will likely have to stop them from time to time to repeat a segment. That way you will understand the materials before proceeding.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about these videos, please post them below.

The BARD Training Videos

    What is BARD – Background information

    BARD Tour – Introduction to BARD itself

    BARD Combined Table – How to Create What We Call A Combined Table

    BARD Query Tutorial – How to Create a Query

    BARD Boat Builder Episode Part 1 – Search for Accidents Listing Your Company as Boat Manufacturer. Malibu Boats is used as an example

    BARD Boat Builder Episode Part 2 – Search for Accidents Listing Your Company MIC code in the Hull ID Number. Malibu Boats is used as an example

    BARD Boat Builder Episode Part 3 – Search for Variants (Misspellings) of your Company Name, MIC code, Popular Boat Models in various columns. Malibu Boats is used as an example

    BARD Boat Builder Episode Part 4 – A Different Way of Searching for Your Accidents in BARD

    BARD Training Support Materials Boat Builder Episode Part 5

    Links to related BARD Training Materials

    We published additional materials as part of this package to enable boat builders and others access to BARD. We published BARD training materials, worksheets, and charted the process to monitor BARD and other sources for monitoring post sale accidents.

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