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U.S. Coast Guard Boat Accident Report Database (BARD) search strategies and methods for boat builders are presented in a paper by Gary Polson of / Polson Enterprises.

We produced a series of videos in an attempt to expose members of the boating industry to the BARD database. We particularly encourage boat builders to use BARD as a tool to monitor post sale accidents involving their boats and use that knowledge to improve the safety of their vessels. Some call this post market or post sale surveillance.

This paper describes methods used in the videos to identifying accidents involving a specific boat builder’s vessels in BARD. It also discusses how certain search methods compare with one another in terms of how much effort and skills they require and how successful those search methods might be.

As with our other materials:

This is NOT professional advice. These are educational materials encouraging boat builders to use BARD as part of their post sale safety monitoring program by showing illustrating some of its capabilities. Each boat builder needs to decide how best to utilize BARD in their specific situation.

Our Paper on BARD Search Strategies

Full title of paper: U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database (BARD) Search Strategies to Identify Boat Accidents Involving Vessels Built by a Specific Boat Builder. By Gary Polson. Polson Enterprises.


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We hope you find this paper helpful in determining how best to proceed.

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