WSF / WSIA silent kill switch PSA

Kill Switch Lanyard on Wrist

Kill Switch Lanyard on Wrist – Image courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard

Water Sports Foundation, Inc. (WSF), a division of the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) created a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video encouraging boat operators to connect their kill switch lanyard. The video was created as part of a U.S. Coast Guard grant. While the video is shot in modern times and uses background music it seems a bit like an old silent movie in that no words are spoken.

WSF did a great job in using emotion to bring the point home to boat operators. It is nice to see the use of a silent message that really drives the point home and it does it quickly.

WSF / WSIA kill switch video

WSF/WSIA kill switch video PSA

Congratulations and thanks to WSF for creating this safety video. We encourage others to share it as well.

Don’t forget to attach your lanyard!

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