Preventing Outboards Flipping in Boats: Supplement 1

Approaches to Prevent Outboard Motors from Flipping into Boats: Supplement #1

Approaches to Prevent Outboard Motors from Flipping into Boats: Supplement #1
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We previously published, Approaches to Prevent Outboard Motors From Flipping Into Boats After Striking Floating or Submerged Objects, and twice updated this extensive list of approaches. Our last update was published in 2018.

This time we published a separate 2020 supplement to the 2018 third edition of the report.

Many new methods have come on the scene to prevent outboards from breaking off and flipping into boats, and especially to prevent them from flipping into bass boats. We also include some technologies and patents with features or methods that look applicable to this hazard.

We covered several updates from The Leash in our review of current methods and approaches.

We were especially pleased to see many Advance Detection of Imminent Impact and Record Impact Data approaches, many of which automatically respond to the hazard by slowing the boat, raising the drive, slowing or stopping the propeller, or other similar actions.

Outboard Can Flip Into Boat warning 2

Outboard Can Flip Into Boat warning 2

Most approaches we documented in our 2020 Supplement #1 come from patents. Few of these approaches are currently in the marketplace. We encourage the boating industry and independent inventors to bring more of these products and systems to the marketplace.

When we publish a major update to this document we often find some historical approaches we previously missed. This time we found a 1992 Suzuki Japanese patent for an outboard motor tether integrated with the swivel bracket.

We welcome your comments and any additions you may have to these documents.

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