Ethan’s Story: Importance of engine cut-off switches

Ethan Issacs’ family created a great video about their wonderful son, Ethan, who is no longer with us. Ethan lost his life because a youth sailing coach failed to attach their boat engine kill switch lanyard.

In the video, the local Sarasota Florida police department recounts that day. (See our initial coverage of the accident.)

His family dropped Ethan and his brother off at the sailing school that Saturday morning, just like any other weekend.

We encourage everybody to wear their kill switch lanyard or virtual lanyard.

A big thanks to all who assisted with this video:

  • Mindy, Ethan’s mother
  • Greg, Ethan’s father
  • Tanner, Ethan’s brother
  • Linda, Ethan’s grandmother
  • Van, Ethan’s grandfather
  • Krish & Aadi two of Ethan’s classmates from Pine View School for the Gifted
  • Officers Ron Dixon and Michael Skinner of the Sarasota Police Marine Patrol
  • All those on the other side of the lens that made this video possible.

Special thanks to Officers Dixon and Skinner for their assistance to Ethan that day, and for being willing to relive those moments for this video.

It is very timely releasing this video now with National Boating Safety week and the Memorial Day Holiday are almost upon us.

Please forward a link to this page or directly to the YouTube video to your boating friends.

Be Safe Out There!

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