Propeller Guard Information Center Launches Today

To those not familiar with us, we are an advocate for recreational boat propeller safety and cover all aspects of recreational boat propeller accidents, propeller guards, and other propeller safety devices.

After months of work, today (20 June 2011), we launched . We updated the content previously on our Propeller Guard Information Center site, checked all the links, and converted it to a format much easier to navigate and friendlier to the search engines. Anybody attempting to visit the old pages on the Propeller Guard Information Center should be automatically redirected to the correct new page.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have about our new format, and please let us know if you are having trouble finding anything that was on the old website. During the process, we also changed our email address. It is available from the Contact tab in the menu.

We have been talking about changing our format for a couple years. It was just like moving all your personal possessions, very challenging, but we made it. We like our new home and we hope you do to.

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