Call for Student Propeller Safety Project Sponsors

We have seen some great student propeller safety research projects through the years. In an effort to encourage more college students to consider propeller safety projects for Senior Design Projects, Project Classes, Senior Thesis, Capstone Projects, and Thesis, we created a post to attract them, Research Projects for Senior Design Classes, Masters Thesis Projects, & Other Researchers. We followed up that post with a series of posts providing additional information on several of the suggested recreational boat propeller safety projects.

Vlist Propeller Safety Project

Vlist Propeller Safety Project. Eindhoven University of Technology. Netherlands. 2005.

The next step to landing more student researchers is to make the projects more attractive by providing funding, hardware, test equipment, access to facilities and engineers, mentors, internships, software, access to boats, test equipment, fast computers, travel / trips, company tours, branded apparel (caps, shirts), a ride in a fast boat, and related incentives.

Free pizza is always good too.

If your are interested in sponsoring any of the projects listed in any way, please contact us (see contact tab in the menu). If you are in the industry and have another related project you would like to list or sponsor, please contact us as well.

Please step up and help the bright minds of tomorrow take on propeller safety issues today!

To view some previous student projects, see several of them listed near the bottom of the page of the link provided above.

In addition to sponsoring some great research and making boating safer, you may be developing a future hire.

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