PGIC Goes Mobile

Yesterday, 4 June 2012, we launched a mobile version of the Propeller Guard Information Center ( allowing cell phone and other small display users to more easily navigate our recreational boating propeller safety site.

Mobile users (except iPads) are automatically directed to the mobile version. They can still access the normal version from a link at the bottom of each page.

At the moment, we provide mobile users with the PAGES menu (top menu on the full site). They will still have to switch to the full version to view the BLOG CATEGORIES menu (lower of the two menus on the full site). We made that decision based on the length of the menus and only being able to present one menu. If our mobile users also request access to the BLOG menu, we can add it, but the resulting combined menu will be quite long.

We especially welcome comments from mobile users about any problems or suggestions you may have for our new mobile version.

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