RingProp Intellectual Property for Sale by Edward Symmons


RingProp safety propeller

Several years ago, a UK firm tried to commercialize a ringed propeller from Australia called RingProp. The propeller was said to be safer than traditional propellers because human limbs could not easily enter between the blades. When the propeller was spinning it created a shroud around the blades.

Efforts to develop RingProp were spread over at least two decades, two continents, several firms, and one stock exchange. We previously covered the history of RingProp hoping other firms might learn from their efforts and avoid their mistakes.

Liquidators have now placed the intellectual property behind RingProp for sale at Edward Symmons, a UK property and asset consultancy.

Items for sale include seven patents, domain names, propeller designs, test results, and analysis of the RingProp.

The sellers provide a more detailed list of IP including 4 trademarks, tooling, and all materials related to the propeller safety test of RingProp conducted at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. The facility there has a huge circular water tank allowing full scale in tank testing.

Also included are contents of four hard drives and all files relating to CAD designs, cavitation and tunnel testing, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) data, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) data, and full scale boat tests.

The intellectual property is for sale by private treaty to the highest bidder, subject to approval by the client (BDO LLP, a large accounting firm).

We find it interesting that RingProp intellectual property is being released at a time in which two other safety propellers are close to coming out of development, the Australian Environmental Safety Propeller, and the MagBlade MaxThrust & SlipStream Propeller.

All three propellers claim they are safer for humans and marine life while minimally impacting performance.

We would especially like to thank one of our readers for making us aware of this sale.

If anybody buys the IP and is not interested in all the materials, we would be particularly interested in the SUNY tank test materials and the full scale boat test data. Plus any detailed estimates of world wide propeller sales.


  1. Russell Mirfin

    Is the ring propeller technoligy for sale ?

  2. I am interested in the Ringprop designs and tooling. Is it available and what does it consist of?

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