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SPIN logo

Stop Propeller Injuries Now (SPIN) –
an Advocate for Boat Propeller Safety is proud announce that as of yesterday (26 September 2012) we now hosting the SPIN (Stop Propeller Injuries Now) web site.

Per their site, “SPIN actively promotes boating safety issues, specifically the need to protect the public from accidents and fatalities from the exposed propeller.”

Founded by Marion Irving deCruz and assisted by Phyllis Kopytko and many others around the country, SPIN is the longest running and best known advocate for boat propeller safety. Marion has worked tirelessly for almost 20 years encouraging and promoting propeller safety legislation, regulations, and education. SPIN has single handedly kept propeller injury protection issues in front of regulators and manufacturers. Without their constant voice, propeller safety issues would quietly slipped through the cracks and been put away until the next high profile accident. Marion is also well known for working with victims and victims families, putting them in contact with others who have gone through similar circumstances, and later enlisting them in her growing network of propeller safety advocates.

We commend Marion and SPIN for their efforts and encourage you to visit their site. They have worked long and hard to provide support to survivors, inform the public, keep legislators and regulatory agencies focused on the issue, while they are networking with victims and their families.

We sometimes work together with SPIN on common issues and are glad we can assist them by hosting their site.

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