Mitigating Boat Propeller Injuries & Fatalities Chart

Propeller guards on the market in early 2013 are not the optimal solution for all recreational boats and applications. In addition to propeller guards several other propeller safety devices and approaches can mitigate (reduce the frequency and severity) of boat propeller accidents.

We created a chart to illustrate these approaches and their relationships to one another. The chart is very large and best viewed on a large monitor. It is currently a work in progress and will continue to be updated from time to time.

Propeller Accident Mitigation Chart

Propeller Accident Mitigation Chart

Among the ways propeller accidents can be mitigated include:

  • Propeller safety devices (including propeller guards)
  • Warnings
  • Alternative propulsion methods
  • Boat Design
  • Programs (like Operation Dry Water)
  • Medical care (faster to site and faster to a major trauma unit)
  • Establishing propeller guard Zones
  • Accident Databases / Statistics (help define frequency, severity, and commonalities)
  • Standards
  • Regulations
  • Training
  • Operator Behavior Changes
  • Research and Development
  • Propeller safety Advocates
  • Propeller accidents themselves (they call attention to the problem and cause local boat operators to take additional safety precautions for a limited time)

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