Madi Abeid: Young Girl Writes Profound Article on Propeller Guard Issues

Madi Abeid published, “Boat Propeller Guards: A Smart Choice” in a March 18, 2013 special issue of the Cape Cod Times. She was drawn to the topic after her sister was struck by a boat propeller in July 2012.

Madi notes that if a guard had been installed her sister would not have spent most of the summer in the hospital, that boating injuries occur more frequently than most people think, that marine life can also be struck by propellers, and she iterates the objections raised to propeller guards. Madi concludes with, as responsible boat owners consider the arguments from both sides, she thinks they will seriously consider using propeller guards.

She presents an excellent synopsis of the situation, but the most remarkable point is left out. Madi Abeid is a seventh-grader at Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans near Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This young girl who may not even be a teenager yet, has an excellent grasp on the issues the industry and propeller safety advocates have been debating for decades.

We salute Madi for calling attention to the risk of propellers and for writing an excellent analysis of the situation. Plus we congratulate her for winning first place award with her article.

Her article, titled Boat Propeller Guards: A Smart Choice was on page 13 of the March 18, 2013 Cape Cod Times: Classroom Times.

We encourage you to view the article online. It includes a photo of Madi Abeid and an icon representing of the first place award she received for winning her age division in the writing competition.

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