New Category Created to Cover Propeller Victim Memorials

Families and friends of propeller accident victims have memorialized their loved ones in many ways. Among the most popular ways is creating a website or FaceBook page in their memory. Another way is creating audio visual presentations of their life, some of which are used at funerals. Funerals themselves are a way we memorialize our loved ones.

Still others have:

  • Purchased or sponsored a park bench in their honor
  • Written or performed songs
  • Funded scholarships in the name of their loved one
  • Created t-shirts
  • Created a slogan to honor their victim
  • Posted safety messages on You-Tube
  • Raised funds for a specific cause such as purchasing prosthetics for amputees, or life saving groups
  • Started charities to help other victims
  • Launched boating safety efforts in hopes of preventing others from going through the loss they endured
  • Invented propeller safety devices as a means to prevent others from having to go through the same thing
  • Sponsored boating safety regulations in the name of their loved one
  • Painted a rock wall in their honor
  • Endured long court battles against parties they see as responsible for the death of their loved one in an attempt to prevent this from happening to others

We added this Memorials category on our blog on 24 April 2013 to cover some of these memorials. We hope it will inspire others to find similar ways to honor their loved ones lost to boat propellers.

We will be gradually adding posts about specific memorials to this category as time allows.

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