New Category Created to Cover Propeller Safety Causes

Over the years we have seen countless “causes” related to recreational boat propeller safety. Among them are:

  • Fund raising for charities (rescue operations, lifeboats, prosthetic charities, amputees, etc.)
  • Pass a Law – big pushes to pass certain laws in the wake of an accident
  • Joey’s Law – families try to pass a law in the name of their child

We will be posting some short term boat propeller causes on this page and creating separate posts for others that may be more long lasting.

Please see our Fundraisers category for groups raising funds for individuals struck by boat propellers to help cover their medical, and other costs.

Our own causes related to encouraging college students to pursue design projects related to boat propeller safety will remain under the “Research Projects” tab.

We added this new category to our blog on 18 May 2013.

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