DAN Europe Renews Propeller Injury Prevention Safety Campaign

Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe is known for launching a long running propeller injury awareness program for divers in 2004. That campaign was relaunched in July 2013 for 2013-2014 as “Watch Out! Propellers Can Kill!”

DAN’s new propeller safety campaign focuses on trying to manage the risk of propeller injuries from both sides: from the boater’s point of view and from the diver’s point of view.

DAN Europe notes several divers have been killed or seriously injured by propellers. They believe many diver propeller accidents can be prevented by using good seamanship and divers obeying some basic rules.

The propeller safety campaign includes ten safety rules, five for Boaters and five for Divers.

The #1 rule for both groups has to do with diving flags. Divers are to always place a diver down flag before diving and boaters are to stay 100 meters from a diver down flag.

DAN’s safety campaign is supported by the poster and sticker below which is available in several European languages:

DAN Europe Watch Out Propeller Safety Campaign

DAN Europe Watch Out Propeller Safety Campaign

The campaign also includes an online opportunity to report diving propeller accidents and near misses. The accident log includes several accidents and near misses, but many are not in English.

We would like to thank DAN Europe for continuing their diving propeller safety campaign. For more information, see DAN Propeller Injury Prevention Campaign.

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