Meyer v. Carnival: Scott Tannebaum / physician review

This brief review of Scott Tannebaum’s physiatric review is part of our much larger coverage of the Michael Meyer v. Carnival Cruise Lines et al. case resulting from a catamaran propeller accident on a cruise ship shore excursion.

Most of our coverage of these depositions, reviews, and affidavits comes from legal documents in PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). We encourage those who wish to study the case more in depth to establish a PACER account and view the original records. Fees are typically about a dime a page.

Scott D. Tannenbaum, MD, PA, Physiatric Review of Michael Meyer for the Defense

A physiatrist is a rehabilitative physician. IME’s are independent medical examinations.

Dr. Scott Tannebaum did an extensive review of Michael Meyer’s medical records, including a rehabilitation evaluation by a physiatrist, and IME from a neurologist, and IME from a general surgeon, and an IME from an orthopedist. Dr. Tannebaum did not directly exam or interview Mr. Meyer.

As might be expected, Dr. Tannebaum found Michael Meyer sustained injuries in the incident, but all his wounds and injuries have since healed. Dr. Tannebaum finds all Meyer’s diabetes, kidney, and back issues to be unrelated to the incident. While other experts attributed extensive future care needs to these issues, he says they are unrelated to the incident, and some procedures might not be done due to Meyer’s age and other complications. In addition, Dr. Tannebaum does not expect Michael Meyer to life as long as the statistics estimate due to his complications. He does grant that Meyer has a toe fracture that may be related to the incident. Other than that, any of Meyer’s future medical care is unrelated to his injuries in the incident per Dr. Tannebaum.

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