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Milliganesque Accident Avoided at Greenport Harbor, Long Island NY

At Greenport Harbor, Long Island New York on Monday morning 15 September 2014, the operator of a 37 foot high speed boat, referred to as a cigarette boat, with six on board lost control of the boat at full throttle. All six men were ejected. None were wearing life jackets. The boat began to circle […]

Bass Boat Operators Ejected list updated 24 Sept 2014

We updated the list of boat operators ejected from bass boats underway in open water today (24 September 2014). Most of the updates come from 2013 BARD (U.S. Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Database) data. Many of these accidents involve circling unmanned boats. Skeeter is shown as a representative bass boat. They have a long […]

Vernon Fowlkes: 1973 fatal bass boat propeller accident

The 1973 Bassmaster Classic III tournament was held on Clark Hill Reservoir, South Carolina October 24 -26, 1973. In addition to contestants, several celebrities were invited to participate in the tournament. Among the celebrities were Vernon Fowlkes, 53, a bass fishing industry supplier, co-founder of the nations first local bass organization (Tulsa Bass Club), and […]

DJ Laz is Back!

DJ Laz, well known South Florida DJ, and the boat operator during a fatal boating accident in early May 2014, dropped out of public view following the accident. Previously, we covered DJ Laz pulling the plug on his huge online social media presence during our discussion of Legal Aspects of Social Media & Boat Propeller […]