Ryan’s Law filed in State of New York

Back in June 2018 Suffolk County, New York voted to require propeller guards on boats used for youth instruction. The law was named for 12 year-old Ryan Weiss, killed by a boat propeller at Long Island’s Centerport Yacht Club in July 2017. Ryan was killed during a training exercise on righting a capsized sailboat.

Centerport Yacht Club RIB involved in the accident
Centerport Yacht Club RIB involved in the accident

Now, in January 2019, with the boating season a few months off Ryan’s family (Kellie & Kevin Weiss) have teamed with newly elected New York State Senator, Jim Gaughran, to introduce a similar bill statewide.

The Weiss family hopes the bill can be passed before this year’s boating season gets underway per WABC-TV ABC channel 7.

The Weiss family and Senator Gaughran speak on Ryan and Ryan’s Law in the WLNY CBS New York video below.

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