Major propeller safety campaigns we are aware of are listed below.

Prop Aware Propeller Safety Campaign

Australian Take Care Be Prop Aware campaign logo

  • A new propeller safety campaign was announced in Australia by New South Wales (NSW) Maritime in January 2010. The program is called , Take Care – Be Prop Aware. They will be supplying packets of t-shirts, brochures, and stickers to hundreds of locations. It includes a propeller safety brochure somewhat similar to the 2006 USCG Propeller Injury Awareness brochure, and a nice prop safety decal. We strongly commend NSW Maritime for their actions and wish their campaign well.
  • In late September 2010, the U.S. Coast Guard released a Public Service Announcement consisting of a video along the theme of some existing YouTube boat party videos, but it ends with a propeller accident and encourages boating safety. This PSA video was later pulled from distribution due to industry pressure. We cover the video and the controversy on our Propeller Safety PSA Response Reveals Boating Industry’s True Colors page.
  • DAN European diving propeller safety logo

    DAN European diving propeller safety logo

  • Dan (Diving Accident Network) Europe has had a long running Dan Europe Propeller Injury Prevention Campaign focusing on preventing propeller injuries to divers.
  • Propeller Injury Awareness Brochure. U.S. Coast Guard. 2006.
  • Not a Campaign but, Seaworthy Magazine (BoatUS) has a nice Avoiding Propeller Injuries page dated April 2012 that lists many of the classic tips.
  • If anyone is aware of any other propeller safety campaigns, please contact us.

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