Our List of Outboard Motors Flipping Into Boats Was Updated Today

Several recent boat accidents in which outboard motors strike submerged objects and flip into boats, often with the propeller still turning have caused us to update our previous post listing these types of accidents. The spreadsheet on Outboard Motor Struck Submerged Object and Flipped Into Boat was updated today (22 May 2013) to include a few more historical accidents plus several more recent ones.

Among the more recent accidents are:

  • A lady in a small boat on Archusa Lake in Mississipi in April 2012
  • Mark Barhanovich’s September 2012 fatality near Deer Island Mississippi
  • A California accident reported directly to us in January 2013
  • Jeremey Michael Tate, professional bass fisherman, in Florida in March 2013
  • Chad Gibbs killed in Arkansas in April 2013.
  • Timothy Clippard, professional bass fisherman from Missouri killed in Kentucky in May 2013

Several of the recent accidents involve bass boats. Large outboards at higher speeds are showing up more frequently on the list.

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