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USCG Releases Recreational Boating Statistics 2011

We noticed the U.S. Coast Guard recently released their annual boating accident statistics report. The total fatality count for 2011 was 758 deaths (vs. 672 in 2010). USCG reported 197 propeller accidents (vs. 179 in 2010) and 35 propeller fatalities (vs. 27 in 2010). We note a substantial increase in the number of propeller accidents […]

Boat Propellers Are Like Prescription Drugs

Several years ago while studying the recreational boat propeller market, I noticed it had many parallels with the market for prescription drugs. Since then, while pondering some propeller safety situations, I have come to see even more parallels. Significant investment goes into developing a line of propellers (just like R&D teams developing a new drug). […]

Propeller Safety Year in Review 2012

A review of the major propeller safety events in 2012 including safety meetings, accidents, legal cases, deaths of those involved in the movement, statistics, patents, articles published, public service announcements, anniversaries, and other related events.

Animal Presence Detection Systems for Highways

Many areas of the country, including ours, are know for large animals being on the road from time to time. In our region, the problem is most often deer at dusk, just after sunset, or during the night. Many drivers become oblivious to the ever present Deer Crossing signs (often with a few bullet holes […]

Kaw Lake Boating Accident – Tyler Wolley Missing and James Goodman Struck by Propeller

Tyler Wooley’s body was found Friday May 25, 2012 on Kaw Lake near the area he went missing. Some teenagers on Kaw Lake near Ponca City Oklahoma were involved in a boating accident Saturday afternoon May 19, 2012. Details are still sketchy, but reports indicate 19 year old Tyler Wooley of Enid was tubing at […]

NSW Australia Investigation Finds Military RIB Needed a Propeller Guard

An NSW Transport Roads and Maritime accident investigation report dated February 2, 2012, “Report of a Special Purpose Investigation: Into a Propeller Strike Injury Involving an Australian Defence Force Academy Vessel on Lake Burrinjuck NSW on 14 February 2010”, found a group of Cadets and Midshipmen were undertaking training for water insertions (leave the RIB […]