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Foot Throttles: Boat Propeller Safety Devices

Many may not even be aware of foot throttles for boats, let alone their role as a propeller safety device. Foot throttles are connected to the engine by a cable similar to the current hand throttle/shifters. It usually takes a longer cable to reach further forward to the foot throttle. Some DIY installers are leaving […]

The Truth About Kill Cords: Motor Boat & Yachting article

Motor Boat & Yachting (MBY)published a great investigative article on boat kill switches in the wake of the Milligan family accident in the UK. The article was published in their September 2013 issue, and supported with numerous online materials. The article titled, The Truth About Kill Cords is accompanied by results of a several question […]

Schulman v. Institute for Shipboard Education propeller case settled

David Schulman, as personal representative of the estate of Casey Schulman v. Institute for Shipboard Education dba Semester at Sea settled 18 February 2014. The case focused on the December 2012 death of Casey Schulman, a University of Virginia student, on a Semester at Sea Program. She was struck and killed by the propeller of […]

Barhanovich case: Archer & Bean blame Suzuki & Bob’s Machine Shop

C.F. Bean Limitation of Liability Case has taken a twist. The case originated with C.F. Bean and Bean Meridian filing a Jones Act suit in Mississippi Southern District Court. Bean was attempting to limit any potential liability in the death of Mark Barhanovich to the value of their barge and its contents. Mr. Barhanovich of […]

Unsafe Practices Portrayed in Yamaha Outboard / Boating Ads & Websites

Our review of unsafe boating ads, commercials, and websites found a startling number of Yamaha and Yamaha Outboard Distributor websites and publications portraying unsafe boating practices and behaviors, especially outside the United States. While some think we should not intervene outside our borders, in today’s society there are no borders. The same ads and materials […]

Mark Raubenheimer struck by boat propeller on MSC Cruise

Mark Raubenheimer, a shoreman for MSC cruise line, was working the Opera on January 29, 2014. Shoreman help passengers to shore and back on small vessels, in return for room and board aboard the vessel. He was launching a boat full of passengers from Barra-Lodge in Mozambique. His leg was cut by the outboard motor […]

Bruce Porter, killed by dive catamaran propeller off New Zealand

Bruce Porter was diving with a group of friends at Tutukaka, New Zealand, about 30 kilometers east of Whangarei, at the entrance to Poor Knights Islands on Friday 7 February 2014. Mr. Porter was an experienced 56 year old diver from Auckland New Zealand. Details are sketchy, but reports indicate he had surfaced from a […]

Boating Industry & Others Portray Unsafe Boating Practices in Ads

The boating industry, those providing accessories to boats, those selling accessories and supplies to boaters, beer companies, the excursion tour boat industry, and others have a history of showing unsafe boating practices and behaviors in their advertisements, commercials, web sites, printed materials, trade show booths, and retail displays. Often, the unsafe practices and behaviors portrayed […]

Review of MAIB report on Milligan family propeller accident in UK

United Kingdom (UK) Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) released their report on the Milligan accident on 30 January 2014. Nicholas Milligan’s family’s May 5, 2013 accident captivated the UK. An affluent family out for a day on the Camel Estuary at Padstow Harbor in their RIB ended in tragedy with the death of the father […]