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California woman struck by boat propeller in Columbia

Natalia Andrea Larranaga Fajardo, 26 originally from Columbia, now from California, was on vacation in Columbia on November 27, 2022. Natalia was on Wata Beach in San Andes, Columbia about 445 miles off the mainland coast of Columbia. She saw some people she knew on a tour boat and joined them. The tour boat was […]

Reduce Peak Impact Force of Boat Propeller Guards

This Tech Brief explains a method that may reduce maximum impact force of some boat propeller guards striking people. This method may also: Reduce injuries caused by striking some boat propeller guards at lower speeds. Allow some propeller guards to be operated at higher speeds while causing less severe injuries to people in the water. […]

Malibu Appeals $200 million verdict in Batchelder case

A quote from Malibu’s August 15, 2022 appeal in the Batchelder case is below: “Defendant Malibu Boats, LLC herby appeals to the Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia from the Final Judgement entered on August 28, 2021 including all adverse ruling sustained therein and all subsequent adverse rulings including but not limited to […]

Batchelder vs. Malibu: Monitoring Post Sale Safety

The $200 million dollar verdict in Batchelder vs. Malibu Boats was reaffirmed July 18, 2022. One reason for such a large verdict was Malibu’s lack of a Post Sale Safety Monitoring system in which they actively sought out accidents involving their boats and addressed Post Sale safety issues. An order by the Judge denied the […]

Batchelder vs Malibu: $200 million jury verdict stands

This case arose from a 2014 propeller strike in Georgia in which water came over the bow of a 2000 Malibu Response LX rental ski boat when it crossed its own wake. Seven year old Ryan Batchelder was washed out of or jumped from the bow and was fatally struck by the boat’s propeller. More […]

July 4th weekend 2022 boat propeller accidents

We noticed a significant increase in media reported boat propeller accidents over the weekend of July 4, 2022 compared to previous July 4th weekends. We briefly list the boat propeller accidents for the 6 day period beginning Saturday July 2, 2022 below. The list of of dozen boat propeller strike accidents includes 6 fatalities, two […]

USCG releases Recreational Boating Statistics 2021

The U.S. Coast Guard released their annual 2021 recreational boating accident statistics report on 16 June 2022. Total number of accidents, injuries, and deaths were down significantly in 2021. 2021 USCG NARD reported accident statistics were 4,439 accidents, 2,641 injuries, and 658 deaths. 2020 USCG BARD reported accident statistics were 5,265 accidents, 3,191 injuries, and […]

Tangmo killed by boat propeller in Thailand

A beautiful young actress known as Tangmo (Nida Patcharaweeraphong, age 37) fell from a speedboat into the Chao Phaya River in Bangkok Thailand. Tangmo was on a restaurant trip with friends on Thursday February 24, 2022. Tangmo had been seated at the rear of the boat and fell in about 10:40pm. Early reports said 30 […]

Yamaha Patent Application: Propeller Status Indicator Lights

Back in April 2014, Brunswick was issued U.S. Patent 8,803,711 for what eventually became Mercury’s Moving Propeller Alert device. It uses several LED lights to display a rotating pattern when the propeller is turning and the boat is stationary or barely underway. Mercury has on online brochure. Now, in 2022, Yamaha’s U.S. Patent for a […]

Ethan’s Story: Importance of engine cut-off switches

Ethan Issacs’ family created a great video about their wonderful son, Ethan, who is no longer with us. Ethan lost his life because a youth sailing coach failed to attach their boat engine kill switch lanyard. In the video, the local Sarasota Florida police department recounts that day. (See our initial coverage of the accident.) […]