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Beautiful but Gone: Texas Boating Safety Video

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) released a ten minute video August 26, 2014 titled, Beautiful but Gone. The video features three families that lost teenagers to boating accidents and one family whose teenager’s brain was damaged as the result of a boating accident. Jacob Damoff’s mother Jeanne Damoff Brandon Fugates’ parents Mike and Belinda […]

Today Show covers Emily Fedorko accident & hazards of tubing

In the wake of the

Brunswick / Mercury Marine Moving Propeller Alert patent issued

We covered Brunswick / Mercury Marine’s Moving Propeller Alert back in November 2011. We followed that post up with a call for inventors and college project classes to consider trying design a free standing, energy harvesting, self powered version that did not require the use of the expensive underlying Smart Craft bus system. Now, about […]

Emily Fedorko, 16, killed by boat propeller while tubing: Connecticut

Emily Fedorko, 16 of Old Greenwich, and three other teenage girls were tubing about one to two miles off Greenwich Point Park, Connecticut on Wednesday 6 August, 2014. One girl was operating the boat, one girl was a passenger, and Emily Fedorko and a friend were riding a tube. Between 2 and 2:30pm, the girls […]