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Propeller case settles for $12 million

On 9 August 2011, a father (Jared C. Adkins, then 39) and his son (Calvin Adkins, then 11) of Harrington Delaware were on a dive boat charter in the Florida Keys. They were on the Big Dipper, a 46 foot dive boat, belonging to the Florida Keys Dive Center in Tavernier Florida on Plantation Key. […]

ABYC Releases Consolidated Boat Warning Labels

American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) has been working with Design Research Engineering (DRE), a consulting firm, for some time to develop a series of warnings that are grouped together (consolidated) for use on certain types of vessels (such as gasoline outboard powered open motor boats) in certain locations (helm, cabin, transom, occupant, deck). Some […]

USCG Releases Recreational Boating Statistics 2014

U.S. Coast Guard released their annual recreational boating accident statistics report on Wednesday May 13th, 2015. Total counts for 2014 BARD reported accidents were 4,064 accidents, 2,678 injuries, and 610 fatalities. USCG reported 153 propeller accidents, 148 propeller injuries, and 22 propeller fatalities. We would like to thank USCG for all the efforts they put […]

DJ Laz Will Not be Criminally Charged

Back in May 2014, DJ Laz, a popular South Florida DJ, was on the water in a 42 foot boat promoting Voli Vodka. The boat became high centered off Nixon Beach on Mashta Flats when the tide went out. Bystanders tried to push the large boat off the sandbar. One of them, Ernesto Herndandez, 23, […]