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Marion Irving deCruz (SPIN) recognized by U.S. Coast Guard

Marion Irving deCruz, longtime proponent of boat propeller safety was recently recognized for her decades of dedication to boat propeller safety. Marion founded Stop Propeller Injuries Now (SPIN) in the wake of the death of her son, Emilio Cruz in a 1993 houseboat propeller accident. Her tireless work and efforts have made the waters safer […]

Hawaii prop guard bill amended to be effective in 2088

We previously covered Hawaii House Bill 2024 requiring mandatory use of propeller guards on all recreational boats within 500 meters of shore. The bill was introduced and passed its first reading on 25 January 2016. On 27 January 2016 the bill was referred to the House Committee on Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs (OMH) […]

Hawaii bill calls for mandatory propeller guards near shore

The recent death of Sri Shim by a boat propeller has energized calls for safer waters off Hawaii. Luke Evslin, injured in a high profile propeller accident 5 years ago, is also speaking out for the need for propeller guards. House Bill 2024 now calls for propeller guards / prop guards to be installed on […]

The Leash : tether prevents outboard motors from flipping into boats

When an outboard motor strikes a submerged object at speed it may break off and flip into the boat. Outboards that flip into the boat usually do so with the engine still running and the propeller turning at thousands of RPM. Those on board can be critically injured or killed. We have long been especially […]