Stop the Bleed

Stop the Bleed program logo

Stop the Bleed program logo

New York University at Winthrop has expanded their “Stop the Bleed” education program for first responders in Nassau County New York to include law enforcement, school educators, and others in response to a boat propeller accident.

The program now trains citizens to assist in bleeding emergencies before professionals arrive on the scene. The goal being to reduce the number of bleeding deaths. While the program is now part of an effort to prepare areas responding to mass casualties and acts of terrorism, it began in response to a boat propeller accident.

Some of the knowledge applied in the program comes from a physician that examined wounds following the Sandy Hook shooting in Newton, Connecticut.

Instruction focuses on immediately responding to control bleeding using direct pressure, tourniquets, and packing wounds with gauze or clean cloth.

Hands on training includes the use of dummies and simulated blood.

They are currently training police officers, hospital security guards, athletic trainers, and parking attendants in two hour sessions. The next round will be to “train the trainers” to further disperse this life saving knowledge.

NYU Winthrop specifically provided trauma training to the Long Island Yacht Club at Centerport involved in the June 2017 propeller fatality. thanks New York University at Winthrop for their efforts to reduce bleeding fatalities. We encourage those more likely to be first on the scene to boating accidents and their organizations to take advantage of this great program.

Much of the information above came from a NYU Winthrop press release, NYU Winthrop Rolls Out Stop the Bleed” dated 20 November 2017.

Stop the Bleed has its roots in a program launched by the White House in October 2015.

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