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Mermaid Samantha Maywell of Weeki Wachee Springs Struck by Boat Propeller

Samantha Maywell, 24, known as Mermaid Samantha of Brookswell, Florida was boating with two other Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaids on the Gulf of Mexico about 15 minutes off Hernando Beach on Thursday August 22. Details are still sketchy, but Samantha (Mermaid Samantha)’s left leg was struck by a boat propeller about 4:30 pm. All three […]

David Cass of Minneapolis dies of pontoon boat propeller injuries

David Cass, 30 of Minneapolis Minnesota, was operating a pontoon boat on Lake Bell Taine near Nevis and Park Rapids, in northern Minnesota about 1:45pm Wednesday June 26, 2013. Two other people were onboard the pontoon boat. David Cass moved toward the bow of the pontoon boat, fell overboard, and was struck by the propeller. […]

Pontoon Boat Bow Riding / Bowriding / Over the Bow Propeller Accidents List

The April 2013 Sarah Roderick pontoon boat propeller fatality on Lake Havasu once again turned our focus to all the people going over the front / bows of pontoon boats and being struck by the propeller. Many victims were bowriding. They sit on the front deck and dangle their feet and legs in the water […]

Sarah Roderick: Girl Killed in Lake Havasu Pontoon Boat Propeller Accident

Sarah Marie Roderick, age 8 of Cottonwood Arizona, was on Lake Havasu in a rented pontoon boat on Monday afternoon April 21, 2013. About 3:40pm her father was driving the 24 foot 2000 Premier pontoon boat with his wife and their four children aboard. They were at the Salt Basin area in Mohave County and […]

U.S. Coast Guard 2010 BARD Unreported Propeller Accidents: Carla Faul Pontoon Boat Propeller Accident in Florida

The boating industry continues to claim almost all boat propeller accidents are reported in BARD. They base their claims on the United States Coast Guard’s claims that the more serious a boating accident is, the more likely it is to be reported. The industry says propeller injury accidents are very serious and therefore they must […]