Media coverage of 2017 recreational boat propeller accidents.

If you are aware of coverage of a 2017 propeller accident that is not reported here, please contact us.

Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.

  • D? February 2017 fatality in France – The Sun “Headless Body Washes Up on English Channel Beach in Northern France” reports a dog walker found a corpse the afternoon of Tuesday February 21st. The headless, decomposed body is thought to have possibly encountered a boat propeller in the busy shipping lane. The deceased may be a migrant.
  • 12 February accident – CountOn2 “Boat Propeller Injury in Punta Gorada Hospitalizes Teen” reports a seventeen year old girl fell from a boat “and was pulled into the propeller” on the Peace River at Darst Park in Punta Gorda Forida on Sunday 12 February. She was life flighted to Bayfront Health in Punta Gorda, then on to Lee Memorial Hospital.
  • D 10 February UK accident – 10 February 2017 Manchester Evening News (UK) “Body Found in Canal Had Become Entangled in Propeller of Water Taxi” reports a body became entangled on the propeller of water taxi on the Bridgewater Canal near Trafford Wharf Road in Manchester on Friday morning 10 February. The engine died when the body was struck. Police are investigating. The deceased man was later identified as Ian Nally, missing from nearby since 7 January.
  • 5 February 2017 accident in New Zealand – 6 February 2017 Stuff (New Zealand) “Teen Girl Injured After Inflatable Overturns on Lake Karapiro” reports three people were ejected when an inflatable flipped over about 7:50pm 5 February on Lake Karapiro. The group had been water skiing. The three people then tried to turn the inflatable boat back over. During that process, a 19 year old girl’s leg was cut by the propeller. The outboard motor was not running at that time. The girl had a deep gash in her leg and required hospital treatment.
  • D 4 February 2017 accident in Australia – 5 February 2017 Daily Mail (U.K. paper) “You are my soulmate in this life and the next” reports Matthew Price and his wife Amy were on the Murray River near Ravenswood Australia with friends on Saturday 4 February. About 2 pm they were on a 7.92 meter cabin cruiser (26 foot) powered by two outboard motors. Somehow Mr. Price was critically wounded by a propeller. He was taken to Royal Perth Hospital (other reports say he was first taken to Peel Health Campus, then life flighted to Royal Perth Hospital). Matthew Price died from his injuries Sunday 6 February. The accident is being investigated.
  • D Late January 2017 accident off Yemen – “Eight Somali Boat Refugees Perish Off Yemen” reports on an accident off the southern coast of Yemen in late January involving a refugee boat. A woman fell overboard and died from a propeller gash to her head. Seven men drowned in the same accident. They died while boarding a human smugglers boat. As they were boarding, a Yemeni coast guard boat approached and the smuggler’s abruptly boat took off

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