2018 Propeller Accidents

Media coverage of 2018 recreational boat propeller accidents.

If you are aware of coverage of a 2018 propeller accident that is not reported here, please contact us.

Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.

  • D 13 August accident in France – 13 August 2018 Riviera Radio (France) “Fatal accident while practicing watersport” reports a 33 year old male was tubing on holiday 13 August along the coastline of Port Cros in the Var when he was fatally struck by a boat propeller.
  • 12 August accident – AuburnPub (Auburn, New York) “Two people rushed to hospitals after Fleming boat accident” reports around 6pm Sunday 12 August, and adult man and an adult woman were injured by a boat propeller on Owasco Lake. Both injured parties were taken by ambulance to Auburn High School where the woman was life flighted to a hospital and the man was taken by ambulance to a hospital.
  • 8 August accident – 8 August 2018 WSVN (Miami Florida) “Scuba diver injured after being hit by boat while surfacing in Fort Lauderdale” reports a 23 year old male scuba diver was about a mile off Hollywood Beach diving with friends. When he surfaced in about 70 feet of water, he was struck by the propeller of a passing boat. His friends got him back in the boat, and got him to shore. His diving gear also received considerable damage from the strike.
  • 6 August accident – 7 August 2018 WHNT9 (Huntsville, Alabama) “Mississippi woman injured in Lake Guntersville boating incident” reports Charlyne Schoolar, 58 from Amory Mississippi, was near the entrance to Short Creek on Monday 6 August. She was out with her family with an inflatable noodle behind a pontoon boat. Her family started the boat to move it further from a rock ledge when she became entangled in the rope and was pulled into the propeller. She was taken to Huntsville Hospital.
  • D? 5 August accident – 5 August 2018 Tampa Bay Times “One dead, one hospitalized after Tampa boat crash near Davis Islands” reports a male and a female were in a 15 foot canoe powered by a tiller steered outboard motor running parallel to the shore of Davis Islands when they struck a piling on Sunday afternoon 5 August. The male was ejected, the female remained on board disoriented, the canoe went into the Circle of Death. The female then jumped from the circling boat instead of trying to shut it off. A bystander on shore had already jumped in to search for the male that had jumped out. The female’s hair became entangled in the propeller, and stopped the boat. Two bystanders were able to pull the boat to shore, free her from the propeller, and laid her on the rocks. It took them several minutes to free her, but she was still able to breathe. Divers pulled the man’s dead body from the water. The female was taken to Tampa General Hospital with serious injuries. The lady was later identified as Brittany Mundie, 22 of Tampa. The deceased man was later identified as Keith Rohde, 22 of Lutz
  • 5 August accident – 6 August 2018 Press Herald (Portland, Maine) reports Casey Linda Chandler, 21 of Brunswick, fell from a boat in Cundy’s Harbor on Sunday 5 August. She suffered lacerations to her leg, maybe from the propeller of the boat she fell from. Per Bangor Daily News she was life flighted to Maine Medical Center.
  • 5 August accident – 5 August 2018 New Hampshire Union Leader “Mass. girl injures foot on boat propeller” reports a ten year old girl from Massachusetts was on a tube with 2 other children on Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, New Hampshire on Sunday 5 August behind a 28 foot Four Winns stern drive powered boat. All 3 children fell from the tube, the boat operator returned to the girls and put the boat in neutral. “A 10 year-old girl, kicked as she was approaching the boat and ht the boat’s propeller with her right foot, causing a large cut.”
  • D 3 August accident in Italy – 6 August 2018 The Times (UK media report of accident in Italy) “Speeding boats kill three in Venice lagoon” reports Natalino Gavagnin, 64, was fishing with another man from a small boat in Venice Lagoon near the island of Sant’Andrea on Friday 3 August. An off duty gondalier was coming through the area in a motor boat, the gondalier’s motor boat collided with the small fishing boat, Natalino Gavagnin’s body was found after a two hour search. “Rescuers believe he had been struck by a propeller.” The other man on the small fishing boat was killed in the crash as well.
  • 30 July accident- 31 July 2018 Lake Expo (Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri) “Woman Struck By Propeller After Jumping Into The Lake” reports Kieley Martinez, 38 of Cheyenne Wyoming, was on a 2007 Cobalt boat on Lake of the Ozarks on Monday morning 30 July. About 7:50 am she jumped into the water and was hit by the propeller. She was taken to Lake Regional Hospital.
  • 29 July accident – 30 July 2018 News10 (Albany, New York) “Man run over by propeller after falling off boat recovering” reports from Queensbury New York say a man was a passenger in a boat on Glen Lake on Sunday night 29 July. The boat operator made a sharp turn, the male passenger was ejected, and struck by the propeller. The injured man was taken to the hospital.
  • 28 July accident – 30 July 2018 KPLCtv (Lake Charles, Louisiana) “Woman injured on boat propeller, Wildlife and Fisheries searching for witnesses” reports an accident at the annual dam party at Calcasieu River Saltwater Barrier. A woman was struck by a boat propeller as hundreds gathered for the annual party.
  • 27 July accident in Spain – 31 July 2019 Mirror (UK coverage of accident in Spain) “Swimmer’s arm severed and another’s leg amputated after they are hit by speedboat propeller in Majorca” reports Friday afternoon 27 July, a boat ran over about 20 swimmers they did not see off the beach of Es Trenc, on Majorca off the eastern coast of Spain. One man had his arm severed by the propeller, another man’s leg had to be amputated later. The injured were taken to Son Espases Hospital in Palma de Majorca. Divers were unable to find the man’s arm. Later reports indicate the arm was found the next day and the vessel(s) involved may have been sea scooters.
  • 27 July accident in Mexico – 28 July 2018 Yucatan Times (Mexico) “Boat runs over diver in Progreso” reports Gilberto Pech Valenzuela, about 35, a fisherman was diving a little over a mile off the coast when he was ran over by a fishing boat coming back to shore. The boat, “Suemy Noemi” was a 27 foot Imensa. His right leg was struck by the propeller.
  • 27 July accident – 27 July 2018 NBC2 (Fort Meyers, Florida) “Woman seriously injured after falling from boat, getting hit by propeller” reports a woman was sitting on the bow of a rented pontoon boat near Matanzas Pass Bridge in Lee County Friday afternoon 27 July. She fell overboard, was ran over by the pontoon boat, and struck by the propeller. The boat was rented from Snook Bite Marina in Fort Myers Beach. The injured lady was taken to the hospital. We previously wrote a paper on ways to prevent over the bow pontoon boat propeller accidents.
  • 24 July accident – 25 July 2018 WinCountry (Battle Creek, Michigan) “Man injured when hit by boat propeller” reports Mark David Leatherman, 50 of Napoleon Ohio, was on an aluminum fishing boat on Popple Lake in Hillsdale County Michigan about 5:20pm Tuesday 24 July. The vessel’s 14 year old operator lost control, Mr. Leatherman was ejected and was struck by the propeller. He was life flighted to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toldeo, Ohio.
  • 21 July accident – 22 July 2018 Local 10 (Fort Lauderdale Florida) “11-year-old tourist struck by boat propeller in Florida Keys” reports an 11 year old boy visiting the Keys from the Tampa area fell from a 20 foot bay boat and was struck by the propeller Saturday 21 July.
  • 19 July incident – 21 July 2018 Bangkok Post (Thailand) “Legless body found in Saen Saep canal” reports a man whose body was recently found in the canal 19 July was thought to have been dead 2 days. The man is thought to have been killed elsewhere and later ran over by a boat propeller.
  • NOT a propeller accident – 19 July 2018 date of the DUCK boat tour boat accident near Branson Missouri that claimed 17 lives.
  • 15 July accident – 15 July 2018 Wink News (Fort Meyers, Florida) “Woman struck by boat propeller off Cayo Costa” reports a woman was struck by a boat propeller off Cayo Costa just before 1pm Sunday afternoon 15 July. The lady was taken to Pineland Marina, then to a hospital. Cayo Costa is a barrier island west of Fort Meyers, Florida.
  • 14 July accident – 19 July 2018 WRDW (Augusta Georgia) “A man faces charges after allegedly hitting two teens with boat” reports two families went to Savanah Georgia to ride on a boat, Saturday 14 July. Sydney Doremus, 17, and Abigayle Hiers,18, were both struck by a boat. The two girls plus 3 friends were in the water when a boat ran them over. Both girls were life flighted from Allendale to Augusta. The boat operator turned himself in the next day. Abigayle has her jaw wired shut and they will put 4 or 5 plates in her face on Friday (20 July). Sydney had a four hour operation to put a rod in her femur “to fix what the propeller tore up on her leg”
  • 14 July accident – 15 July 2018 KVRR (Fargo & Morehead Minnesota) “Moorhead Teen Hurt By Boat Propeller” reports Claire Holland, 19 of Moorhead, jumped from a pontoon boat on Loon Lake near Vergas on Saturday night 14 July. When she tried to re-board about 6:50pm, her left thigh was struck by the propeller. She was life flighted to Sanford Health in Fargo Minnesota.
  • D 14 July accident in Demerara (Guiana) – 16 July 2018 Demerara Waves “Two drown” reports Ronald Gomes, 18 of Georgetown, was swimming on 14 July. When it was determined he was missing, his body was found with injuries to his head, face and arm. “Investigators believed that a boat propeller might have struck him.” Per Wikipedia, Demerara is a historical region of the Guianas on the north coast of South America. Later – Stabroek News reported the owner of Splashmins Fun Park & Eco Resort disputes claims Gomes was struck by a boat. They say their last boat was out of the water about 2:30pm but Gomes went missing after 4pm.
  • D 14 July accident in Greece – 14 July GreekReporter “Teen Dies in Tragic Boat Accident on Paxoi Island in Greece” reports a U.S. tourist on vacation (a 15 year old boy) was on a boat with his family on the Ionian Island of Paxi Greece on Saturday 14 July. Large waves caused the boy to fall overboard, he was struck by the propeller, and pronounced dead at a local hospital. A 16 July article in the Sun indicates the boat was a rented RIB powered by a 150 Evinrude outboard. 17 July article in Daily Mail identified the boy as Toby Finnett, he fell over the stern, and his father was at the helm.
  • *****************8 July 2018 July 4th Holiday ends ******************

  • 8 July accident – 8 July 2018 CBS Baltimore Maryland “Woman Struck By Propeller On Boat Off Joppa” reports a woman struck in the foot by a boat propeller near Joppa Maryland was brought to Joppatowne Marina about 6:10pm Sunday 8 July. She was taken to MedStar Franklin Hospital.
  • 6 July accident – 8 July 2018 LakeExpo (Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri) “Man Hit By His Own Propeller While Rescuing Someone On The Lake” reports Randy Leary, 62, was in his 2015 Tracker bass boat on Lake of the Ozarks about 5:25pm July 6th. He saw a man face down in the water. Randy Leary dove from his boat to go help the man and was struck by his own boat’s propeller. Mr. Leary’s boat had been put in neutral, but the boat was still moving, he was struck in the feet by his propeller and taken to Lake Regional Hospital. The accident happened at the 2 mile marker of Glaize Arm in Watson Hollow Cove.
  • 4th of July holidays accident – 13 July 2018 Sun Sailor (Minnetonka Minnesota) “South Lake Minnetonka has a safe Fourth of July” reports things were fairly safe on Lake Minnetonka over the Fourth, however “a man was injured by his boat’s propeller blade after he jumped into the water after his dog.” The man required some stitches for a propeller cut to his right leg.
  • 4 July accident – 18 July 2018 Lumina News (Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina) “After raucous July 4, Wrightsville Beach residents ask police for help with Palm Tree Island partying” reports things got pretty wild there on July 4th and “deputies did respond to the incident where the man was cut by a boat propeller.” The man was taken to a boat ramp, a Good Samaritan used a rope for a tourniquet before deputies arrived. The injured man was taken to New Hanover County Regional Medical Center.
  • 4 July accident – 4 July 2018 SanAngeloLive (Texas) “Boater’s Leg Severed Near Shore in Horrific Accident at Lake Nasworthy” reports a man got his leg up under a boat that was pulling into shore on Lake Nasworthy on Wednesday evening 4 July. His leg was severed from his body by the propeller. Texas Parks and Wildife (TPWD) is using sonar to look for his leg. The man was later identified as Jeremy Armenta. He and a friend had been hanging their feet off the back of the boat. When the engine was revved up in reverse, his leg was sucked in.
  • 4 July accident – 4 July 2018 Redding Searchlight (Redding, California) “Redding man tossed from boat, cut by propeller” reports Benjamin Duncan, 40, and a lady with him were on Lake Shasta on Wednesday 4 July. Wakes from several boats ejected them from the boat they were in, and he was struck by the propeller of its outboard motor. They were able to get back into the boat and to Jones Valley Marina where they were met by medical professionals.
  • 4 July accident – 4 July 2018 Boston Globe “Boy struck by boat in Mashpee lake, official says” reports a 12 year old boy from Worcester Massachusetts was on Mashpee Lake Tuesday evening 4 July. About 6 pm officials received a call that a boat had driven over a child. A Firefighter responding called it a tubing accident. Firefighters suspect he was struck by the propeller.
  • **************** 4 July 2018 holiday begins *******************

  • D 1 July accident in the Maldives – 3 July 2018 Maldives Independent (Maldives) “CRIMEMaldives police probing Chinese tourist ‘propeller’ death” reports a 27 year old male tourist from China was snorkeling with a woman in a lagoon off Finolhu Resort on Sunday 1 July. The man was killed by a boat propeller and the woman was injured. Police are saying nothing about the accident a few days later. PropellerSafety comment – We often see 3rd world water tourism areas sweep prop accidents under the rug. This MAY be another instance of that happening. The article notes China is the largest contributor to tourism in the Maldives..
  • 30 June accident – 2 July 2018 WhoTV (DesMoines Iowa) “Man Charged with OWI After Boat Propeller Cuts Woman’s Legs Down to Bone” reports a twenty year old female was in the water on Saylorville Lake on Saturday 30 July when the boat was placed in gear. Her legs were cut to the bone by the propeller. She was taken to Mercy Medical Center in DesMoines.
  • 29 June accident – 30 June 2018 Lex18 (Kentucky) “Man Charged With DUI Boating On Lake Cumberland After Wife Injured” reports Christopher Stanley was driving a boat to Conley Bottom Marina on Lake Cumberland, his wife fell overboard, and was struck by the propeller. She was life flighted from the marina with a severe propeller cut on her leg.
  • 29 June accident -2 July 2018 abc12 (Flint Michigan) “4 injured after boats collide on Crystal Lake in Montcalm County” reports a 1990 Harris Float Deck boat crashed with a 1994 Stratos on Crystal Lake about 8pm Friday 29 June. Four people were injured including 57 year old Patti Largent of Toledo being taken to the hospital with “severe cuts possibly from a boat propeller.” The Harris boat partially sank.
  • 26 June accident in Saudi Arabia – “Maryland teacher loses his leg after he is hit by a boat propeller on a scuba diving trip with his students in the Red Sea” reports Jacob Bury of Huntington, Maryland has been teaching in Saudi Arabia. He took a group of students on an annual snorkeling trip in the Red Sea. One the second day, Tuesday 26 June, he was sucked into the propeller and lost his right leg.
  • 24 June accident – 25 June 2018 KWWL (Iowa) “2 injured in boating accidents on Coralville reservoir” reports a 22 year old female fell into the path of a boat on Coralville Reservoir as it was backing up and was struck by the propeller about 5:45pm Sunday 24 June. The lady was taken to University of Iowa Hospital. The other incident on the same reservoir was an 18 year old female struck by a boat after she fell into the water. The report did not say she was struck by the propeller, but did say she received serious injuries and was taken to the same hospital.
  • D 24 June accident in UK – 26 June 2018 Mirror “Powerboat racer hit and killed by flying propeller after horror smash with competitor’s boat” reports Kevin Edmondson, 53, was killed in an offshore speedboat race at West Bay Dorset on Sunday 24 June. Two racers crashed into each other in the Offshore Circuit Racing Drivers Association event, one of those boats was co-piloted by Mr. Edmondson. The propeller of one of the boats broke loose, flew up and fatally struck Mr. Edmondson in the head. The boat Mr. Edmondson was driving was named, Yknot! and was powered by a large Mercury Pro X/S outboard per an image in the story.
  • D24 June accident – 26 June 2018 WTOL reports from Panama City, Florida that Brad Martin Bramblett, 59, was operating his 17 foot Auquasport boat near Panama City Marina on Monday 24 June. He was ejected from the boat, the unmanned boat went into the Circle of Death. Mr. Bramblett was repeatedly struck by the propeller of the unmanned boat as it circled and later died from his wounds. The boat circled for more than an hour before the Coast Guard was able to stop it with ropes in the water. WTOL’s coverage included a video of the circling boat.
  • 21 June accident in Cambodia – 25 June 2018 Khmer Times (Cambodia) “Fisheries official dies in clash on river” reports Pin Chan, a district fisheries chief, confronted two villagers fishing illegally in Prey Veng Province of Cambodia near the border with Vietnam on 21 June. The fishermen rammed his boat and sunk it. The Pin Chan was struck by the propeller twice in the head and died at the scene. The illegal fishermen fled the scene.
  • 19 June accident – 20 June WMBF (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) “Man suffers ‘partial amputation’ after being hit by boat propeller in water near Third Avenue South” reports a man on a parasail boat was somehow struck by a boat propeller and suffered a partial amputation of an unknown body part. Details are obviously sketchy. 3 ocean units responded to near Third Avenue South. Later reports say the man was transferring/moving from the parasailing boat to a banana boat when he was struck by the propeller. A banana boat is a towed float you ride shaped like a banana. The injured man was later identified as Henry Owens.
  • D 19 June accident – Republican-American reports along with the NewsTimes that Wanda Tirado, 38 year old Waterbury Connecticut teacher, was swimming near Squantz Cove on Tuesday afternoon 19 June. A pontoon boat she had been on earlier ran over her and failed to come to her rescue. She died at Danbury Hospital the next morning. Rep-Am now reports she was killed by the propeller.
  • 17 June accident – 18 June 2018 MichiganLive reports from Barry County. Twenty year old Cameron Cichosz of Howell Michigan was on a pontoon boat on Gun Lake on Sunday 17 June. About 5:15pm he fell over the side of the pontoon boat and was struck by the propeller which amputated his leg. Two doctors nearby swam to Cichosz’s aid and likely saved his life by slowing femoral bleeding.
  • 16 June accident – 19 June 2018 KCBD (Lubbock Texas) “Men hospitalized, legs amputated after boating incident in Lake Alan Henry” reports two men were in the water trying to unstick and anchor behind a boat on Lake Alan Henry at Gobbler Creek / Party Cove on Saturday 16 June. The boat operator engaged the propeller. Two feet were amputated from one man and one foot was amputated from the other man. Both men were taken to University Medical Center. The two men injured were later identified as Cole Michael, 31 and Adam Kelly, 29.
  • 17 June accident – 17 June 2018 NBC Miami (Florida) “Man Rushed to Hospital After Boating Accident Near Elliot Key and Sands Key” reports Jonathan Cruz, 27, was trying to help a person stuck near the bottom of the boat. The engine was turned on and he was struck by the propeller on Sunday 17 June. The accident occurred between Elliot Key and Sands Key. Jonathan Cruz was taken to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
  • 10 June accident – 10 June 2018 WECT (North Carolina) “Multiple people taken to hospital after boat crash in Wrightsville Beach” reports a kill switch Circle of Death accident at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina just south of Figure 8 Island Bridge on Sunday afternoon 10 June. Four to six people were on a boat, it is reported that something went wrong with the steering, another report indicates the steering column broke off. The boat began circling, everybody was ejected, one person was cut by the propeller. All on board went to the hospital.
  • 8 June 2018 accident – 11 June 2018 WFLA (Florida) “Coast Guard investigating parasailing boat sinking, was the crew properly trained?” reports Matt Thomas, his 13 year old daughter and her friend were on a parasailing boat from Gators Parasailing at John’s Pass. The wind came up, the chute blew out of the boat (Get-N-High), waves became 4 to 5 feet, the boat was unable to make headway due to drag of the chute, the first mate was washed overboard. They were unable to cut the lines to the chute, all passengers went into the water when the boat went up on its side. Rescuers found the first mate had been cut by the propeller.
  • 3 June accident in India – 4 June 2018 The Telegraph (India) “Digha Boat Injury” reports Buddhiman Singh, 35 from West Midnapore, was bathing as a tourist in the sea near Dingha. His right foot was struck by the propeller of a passing speed boat. The boat operator took him to Digha State General Hospital. This is reported to be the second or third such accident since the area was opened for water sports over a year ago. A June 4th report in The Times of India says there was a similar accident at a Digha beach on March 22.
  • ***************28 May 2018 Memorial Day Weekend ends **************

  • 26 May accident – 29 May 2018 Bring Me the News (Minnesota) “Teen critically injured after being slashed by boat propeller while tubing” reports teenage boys were tubing on Big Swan Lake north of Dassel in Meeker County Minnesota on Saturday 26 May. Two boys, Alexander Pazahanick of Bloomington age 13 and Ethan Favour of St. Louis Park age 16, were on the tube when they were struck by the boat’s propeller. Another 13 year old boy was operating the boat. Pazahanick was critically injured and life flighted to Hennepin County Medical Center. Favor was taken to Meeker Memorial Hospital by automobile.
  • 26 May accident – 27 May 2018 Herald & Review (Decatur IL) “Propeller Injures Boater on Lake Decatur” reports first responders were dispersed from Macon County Fire Department about 3pm Saturday 26 May to Lake Decatur. They found a male near South Lost Bridge Road and Lake Bluff Drive with his foot cut by his boat’s propeller. He was taken to HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital.
  • ************Memorial Day Weekend begins Friday 25 May ***********

  • D 14 May accident in Spain – 15 May 2018 The Olive Press (Spain) “Young Boy Dies After Being Hit and Dragged into Sea by ‘Narco Boat’ in Andalucia” reports from playa de Getares in Algeciras, Cadiz, Spain (on the southern border of Spain across from the Rock of Gibraltar). Two men in a rubber speed boat (likely a RIB), a type typically used by those in the traffic of illegal drugs, had been traveling a high speed near shore in a dangerous manner about 5pm May 14th. A child was on a small boat with his father in the same area. The drug boat broke down. The young boy’s father got in an argument with those on the drug boat when he told those on board to stop their reckless driving in the area full of swimmers that is marked for boats to stay out of. The rubber boat turned around, sped up, and ran over the boat carrying the boy and his father. The rubber boat dragged the boy to sea where he was fatally struck by the propeller. It sounds like the boy’s body may have become entrapped on the propeller and stopped the rubber boat. The two men on the rubber boat jumped into the sea and tried to escape but were captured by others nearby. While no drugs were found on board, the two men had criminal records and were arrested.
  • 6 May accident in Australia – 6 May 2018 Newcastle Herald (Australia) “Boat hits canoe at Tomaree Headland in Port Stephens” reports a kayak was struck by a boat propeller near Port Stephens about 7am Sunday 6 May. The 46 year old male kayaker was life flighted to John Hunter Hospital with “severe injuries to his right hand and forearm.”
  • 28 April – Accident in England – 29 April 2018 Devon Live (England) “Eyewitness describes serious powerboat accident that left man in hospital” reports near Teignmouth UK, a boat was swerving as it went under a pier per eyewitnesses, two occupants were ejected and may have lost a limb to the propellers. Teignmouth RLNI Lifeboat crew and the Coast Guard rescue team responded to the accident that happened just before 6pm Saturday 28 April. The accident happened during the Seine boat race. Both people were taken to shore, one or two persons were lifeflighted
  • D 1 April accident – 2 April 2018 Local 10 (Miami-Dade Florida) “Man dies after being struck by yacht’s propellers near Monument Island, FWC says” reports from Miami Beach that Miami Vice, a 91 foot yacht normally used for charter, was apparently involved in a propeller strike fatality on Sunday 1 April. Raul Menendez, 25 of Hialeah Florida, was onboard with six other passengers plus two crew members. Somehow, Mr. Menendez ended up in the water about 4:45pm Sunday off Monument Island. The Coast Guard and others searched for him for several hours. His remains were found and FWC reports preliminary information indicates he was struck by the yachts propellers.
  • Weekend of 31 March-1 April accident in Brazil – 6 April 2018 SUP The Mag (SUPthemag) “Woman Loses Arm to Banana Boat While Paddling in Brazil” reports that last weekend (Saturday 31 March – Sunday 1 April 2018) Souza Machado, 26 year old female, was paddleboarding off the coast of Sao Paulo (off Enseada Beach in Guaruja). She and her husband were standup paddleboarding when they were passed by a boat towing a banana boat. They both fell into the water, the woman’s arm was severed by the boat’s propeller. Nobody was able to find her arm for possible re-attachment. The article reports a series of tips from SUP safety from SUP Magazine.
  • 31 March accident in Australia – 31 March 2018 Canberra Times (Australia) “Man hit by propeller at north Brisbane boat ramp” reports a man received propeller cuts to his calves near a boat ramp off Wyampa Road in Bald Hills early in the afternoon of Sunday 31 March. The man thought to be about 30 years old was taken to the Royal Brisbane Hospital and to the Women’s Hospital.
  • D February 2018 accident in Philippines – 22 March 2018 Rappler (Philippines) “Swedish national dies in electrocution accident in Bohol resort” reports on an electrocution and other recent tourism accidents on Panglao Island, including A female Korean tourist was also killed by a boat propeller strike to the head in February 2018 when she fell overboard into the sea.”
  • D 24 February accident off Nevis (near Jamaica) – 25 February 2018 Jamaica Observer “ “>reports a male tourist was believed to have been fatally stuck by a boat propeller while swimming or snorkeling off Four Seasons in the Piny Beach area of Nevis about 4 pm Saturday 24 February. The island of Nevis is in the region of Puerto Rico.
  • 23 February Australia accident – 23 February 2018 Perth Now “Rottnest Channel Swim 2018: Swimmers set off from Cottesloe Beach” reports several challenges encountered during an open water event swim of a channel. Among them were a boat partially sunk, many swimmers pulled from the water when a great white shark was sighted, and a female swimmer’s leg was struck by a boat propeller. Her injuries were said to be minor.
  • D 17 February Philippines accident – 17 February 2018 GMA News Online “Chinese dies as boat’s propeller hits his head while snorkeling in Negros” reports from Negros Oriental in the Philippines of Yong Tai Hang, 54 year old Chinese tourist, snorkeling off Apo Island at Dauin being struck in the head by the propeller of a passing boat. A News TV Live report said he died instantly and was barely recognizable after the accident. “The boat’s captain claimed that he was aware that someone was snorkeling in the area, but they did not think that the tourist would come up to the surface as they were passing.”
  • D 28 January Philippines accident – 8 February 2018 Manila Bulletin (Philippines) “Korean Killed in Panglao Boat Mishap” reports from Panglao, Bohol that Hyangnam Jung, 52 year old female tourist from South Korea, was hit by the propeller of a tour boat last Monday (28 January). The tourboat was the Palm Island Tour 2 pumpboat. A tour for 13 Korean tourists was going from Balicasag Island to Virgin Island when Jung fell overboard and was struck in the leg by the propeller. She was taken to Borja Family Hospital in Tagbilaran City and died Monday from her wounds.
  • 19 January Australia accident – 20 January 2018 DailyMail (UK coverage of Australian accident) “Woman Suffers Horrendous Lacerations and Fractures to Her Legs” reports a woman in her 40s and her husband were at Wave Break Island off Sea World on the Gold Coast of Australia when their boat was reversed into a mooring. The woman received extensive cuts and fractures to both her legs. Other reports indicate the woman, in the water, was helping to pull the boat into the mooring using a rope. Bystanders got her to shore where paramedics gave her a blood transfusion before she was taken to a hospital.
  • 7 January Gibraltrar accident – 8 January 2018 Gibraltar Chronicle (Gibraltar) “Torched RHIB shines light on strait drug traffic” reports ” in another incident, a man lost part of a leg after it got caught in the propeller of a RHIB on a beach in San Roque.”
  • 4 January Thailand accident – 5 January 2018 Phuket Gazette (Thailand) “Japanese Tourist Killed by Boat Propellor in Koh Similan” reports Yoshida Saori, 37 year old female tourist from Japan, was scuba diving by herself near Koh Tachai on 4 January. “She jumped from the boat when a big wave pushed her under the boat. Her head hit the propellor resulting in deep wounds and damage which proved to be fatal.” She was taken to Takuapa Hospital by boat but died during that journey.
  • 2018 Accident between Africa and Spain – 17 July 2018 CGTN (China) “African migrants in Spain tell of harrowing journeys” reports the perils of their journey. Jerome Abdoumi Guessant, of the Ivory Coast of Africa, was injured during crossing the ocean. He still has bandages on his right leg. In rough seas a woman sitting near him was swept overboard. Guessant jumped in to save her. After he helped get her back on the boat, as he was climbing in “someone turned the boat’s engine on, the propeller cut twice into Guessant’s leg.”

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