2018 Propeller Accidents

Media coverage of 2018 recreational boat propeller accidents.

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Fatal accidents are coded immediately in front of the reporting data as:

D indicates a U.S. fatality

D indicates a fatality outside the U.S.

  • 17 June accident – 17 June 2018 NBC Miami (Florida) “Man Rushed to Hospital After Boating Accident Near Elliot Key and Sands Key” reports Jonathan Cruz, 27, was trying to help a person stuck near the bottom of the boat. The engine was turned on and he was struck by the propeller on Sunday 17 June. The accident occurred between Elliot Key and Sands Key. Jonathan Cruz was taken to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
  • 10 June accident – 10 June 2018 WECT (North Carolina) “Multiple people taken to hospital after boat crash in Wrightsville Beach” reports a kill switch Circle of Death accident at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina just south of Figure 8 Island Bridge on Sunday afternoon 10 June. Four to six people were on a boat, it is reported that something went wrong with the steering, another report indicates the steering column broke off. The boat began circling, everybody was ejected, one person was cut by the propeller. All on board went to the hospital.
  • 3 June accident in India – 4 June 2018 The Telegraph (India) “Digha Boat Injury” reports Buddhiman Singh, 35 from West Midnapore, was bathing as a tourist in the sea near Dingha. His right foot was struck by the propeller of a passing speed boat. The boat operator took him to Digha State General Hospital. This is reported to be the second or third such accident since the area was opened for water sports over a year ago. A June 4th report in The Times of India says there was a similar accident at a Digha beach on March 22.
  • 26 May accident – 29 May 2018 Bring Me the News (Minnesota) “Teen critically injured after being slashed by boat propeller while tubing” reports teenage boys were tubing on Big Swan Lake north of Dassel in Meeker County Minnesota on Saturday 26 May. Two boys, Alexander Pazahanick of Bloomington age 13 and Ethan Favour of St. Louis Park age 16, were on the tube when they were struck by the boat’s propeller. Another 13 year old boy was operating the boat. Pazahanick was critically injured and life flighted to Hennepin County Medical Center. Favor was taken to Meeker Memorial Hospital by automobile.
  • 26 May accident – 27 May 2018 Herald & Review (Decatur IL) “Propeller Injures Boater on Lake Decatur” reports first responders were dispersed from Macon County Fire Department about 3pm Saturday 26 May to Lake Decatur. They found a male near South Lost Bridge Road and Lake Bluff Drive with his foot cut by his boat’s propeller. He was taken to HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital.
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  • D 14 May accident in Spain – 15 May 2018 The Olive Press (Spain) “Young Boy Dies After Being Hit and Dragged into Sea by ‘Narco Boat’ in Andalucia” reports from playa de Getares in Algeciras, Cadiz, Spain (on the southern border of Spain across from the Rock of Gibraltar). Two men in a rubber speed boat (likely a RIB), a type typically used by those in the traffic of illegal drugs, had been traveling a high speed near shore in a dangerous manner about 5pm May 14th. A child was on a small boat with his father in the same area. The drug boat broke down. The young boy’s father got in an argument with those on the drug boat when he told those on board to stop their reckless driving in the area full of swimmers that is marked for boats to stay out of. The rubber boat turned around, sped up, and ran over the boat carrying the boy and his father. The rubber boat dragged the boy to sea where he was fatally struck by the propeller. It sounds like the boy’s body may have become entrapped on the propeller and stopped the rubber boat. The two men on the rubber boat jumped into the sea and tried to escape but were captured by others nearby. While no drugs were found on board, the two men had criminal records and were arrested.
  • 6 May accident in Australia – 6 May 2018 Newcastle Herald (Australia) “Boat hits canoe at Tomaree Headland in Port Stephens” reports a kayak was struck by a boat propeller near Port Stephens about 7am Sunday 6 May. The 46 year old male kayaker was life flighted to John Hunter Hospital with “severe injuries to his right hand and forearm.”
  • 28 April – Accident in England – 29 April 2018 Devon Live (England) “Eyewitness describes serious powerboat accident that left man in hospital” reports near Teignmouth UK, a boat was swerving as it went under a pier per eyewitnesses, two occupants were ejected and may have lost a limb to the propellers. Teignmouth RLNI Lifeboat crew and the Coast Guard rescue team responded to the accident that happened just before 6pm Saturday 28 April. The accident happened during the Seine boat race. Both people were taken to shore, one or two persons were lifeflighted
  • D 1 April accident – 2 April 2018 Local 10 (Miami-Dade Florida) “Man dies after being struck by yacht’s propellers near Monument Island, FWC says” reports from Miami Beach that Miami Vice, a 91 foot yacht normally used for charter, was apparently involved in a propeller strike fatality on Sunday 1 April. Raul Menendez, 25 of Hialeah Florida, was onboard with six other passengers plus two crew members. Somehow, Mr. Menendez ended up in the water about 4:45pm Sunday off Monument Island. The Coast Guard and others searched for him for several hours. His remains were found and FWC reports preliminary information indicates he was struck by the yachts propellers.
  • Weekend of 31 March-1 April accident in Brazil – 6 April 2018 SUP The Mag (SUPthemag) “Woman Loses Arm to Banana Boat While Paddling in Brazil” reports that last weekend (Saturday 31 March – Sunday 1 April 2018) Souza Machado, 26 year old female, was paddleboarding off the coast of Sao Paulo (off Enseada Beach in Guaruja). She and her husband were standup paddleboarding when they were passed by a boat towing a banana boat. They both fell into the water, the woman’s arm was severed by the boat’s propeller. Nobody was able to find her arm for possible re-attachment. The article reports a series of tips from SUP safety from SUP Magazine.
  • D February 2018 accident in Philippines – 22 March 2018 Rappler (Philippines) “Swedish national dies in electrocution accident in Bohol resort” reports on an electrocution and other recent tourism accidents on Panglao Island, including A female Korean tourist was also killed by a boat propeller strike to the head in February 2018 when she fell overboard into the sea.”
  • D 24 February accident off Nevis (near Jamaica) – 25 February 2018 Jamaica Observer “ “>reports a male tourist was believed to have been fatally stuck by a boat propeller while swimming or snorkeling off Four Seasons in the Piny Beach area of Nevis about 4 pm Saturday 24 February. The island of Nevis is in the region of Puerto Rico.
  • 23 February Australia accident – 23 February 2018 Perth Now “Rottnest Channel Swim 2018: Swimmers set off from Cottesloe Beach” reports several challenges encountered during an open water event swim of a channel. Among them were a boat partially sunk, many swimmers pulled from the water when a great white shark was sighted, and a female swimmer’s leg was struck by a boat propeller. Her injuries were said to be minor.
  • D 17 February Philippines accident – 17 February 2018 GMA News Online “Chinese dies as boat’s propeller hits his head while snorkeling in Negros” reports from Negros Oriental in the Philippines of Yong Tai Hang, 54 year old Chinese tourist, snorkeling off Apo Island at Dauin being struck in the head by the propeller of a passing boat. A News TV Live report said he died instantly and was barely recognizable after the accident. “The boat’s captain claimed that he was aware that someone was snorkeling in the area, but they did not think that the tourist would come up to the surface as they were passing.”
  • D 28 January Philippines accident – 8 February 2018 Manila Bulletin (Philippines) “Korean Killed in Panglao Boat Mishap” reports from Panglao, Bohol that Hyangnam Jung, 52 year old female tourist from South Korea, was hit by the propeller of a tour boat last Monday (28 January). The tourboat was the Palm Island Tour 2 pumpboat. A tour for 13 Korean tourists was going from Balicasag Island to Virgin Island when Jung fell overboard and was struck in the leg by the propeller. She was taken to Borja Family Hospital in Tagbilaran City and died Monday from her wounds.
  • 19 January Australia accident – 20 January 2018 DailyMail (UK coverage of Australian accident) “Woman Suffers Horrendous Lacerations and Fractures to Her Legs” reports a woman in her 40s and her husband were at Wave Break Island off Sea World on the Gold Coast of Australia when their boat was reversed into a mooring. The woman received extensive cuts and fractures to both her legs. Other reports indicate the woman, in the water, was helping to pull the boat into the mooring using a rope. Bystanders got her to shore where paramedics gave her a blood transfusion before she was taken to a hospital.
  • 7 January Gibraltrar accident – 8 January 2018 Gibraltar Chronicle (Gibraltar) “Torched RHIB shines light on strait drug traffic” reports ” in another incident, a man lost part of a leg after it got caught in the propeller of a RHIB on a beach in San Roque.”
  • 4 January Thailand accident – 5 January 2018 Phuket Gazette (Thailand) “Japanese Tourist Killed by Boat Propellor in Koh Similan” reports Yoshida Saori, 37 year old female tourist from Japan, was scuba diving by herself near Koh Tachai on 4 January. “She jumped from the boat when a big wave pushed her under the boat. Her head hit the propellor resulting in deep wounds and damage which proved to be fatal.” She was taken to Takuapa Hospital by boat but died during that journey.
  • 31 March accident in Australia – 31 March 2018 Canberra Times (Australia) “Man hit by propeller at north Brisbane boat ramp” reports a man received propeller cuts to his calves near a boat ramp off Wyampa Road in Bald Hills early in the afternoon of Sunday 31 March. The man thought to be about 30 years old was taken to the Royal Brisbane Hospital and to the Women’s Hospital.

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