Our List of Outboard Motors Flipping Into Boats Was Updated 2 June 2014

Rex Chambers' boat with outboard motor broke off

Rex Chambers’ boat with outboard motor broke off

We updated list of boat accidents on our Outboard Motor Struck Submerged Object and Flipped Into Boat page today (2 June 2014).

The updates included one 2002 accident, several 2013 accidents from the recently released USCG 2013 Public Boating Accident Report Database (BARD),
and the recent Todd Iwamoto and Rex Chambers accidents.

We also added BARD reference numbers to the 2013 accidents we had previously identified.

Once again, we would like to call the boating industry’s attention to the number bass boats with large outboards are appearing on this list in recent years, several of which were participating in bass tournaments. We previously published a 74 page pdf document containing an extensive list of ways to mitigate and prevent these accidents on various types of vessels, including bass boats:

Approaches to Prevent Outboard Motors From Flipping Into Boats After Striking Submerged Objects.

We encourage the boating industry to apply those or other methods where appropriate, and especially call their attention to the bass boat issue.

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