RYA Kill Switch lanyard wear PSA 2019

Royal Yachting Association (RYA) of the United Kingdom (UK) released a great “wear your kill switch lanyard / kill cord” Public Service Announcement (PSA) August 6, 2019.

In the UK kill switch lanyards are referred to as “kill cords”.

RYA’s PSA is titled A Kill Cord Could Save Your Life.

While the PSA is supported by an online page of text, it will be best known for the accompanying 1 minute video below.

RYA Kill Switch Video

RYA Kill Switch Video

In recent years, a few groups have put out PSA’s encouraging boat operators to attach their kill switch lanyards. This one really gets the point across and gets it across fast.

We thank the Royal Yachting Association for putting out this great Public Service Announcement and making it available on YouTube for U.S. boaters to be able to see it as well. Great Job!

Sadly the U.S. Boating industry will not allow Public Service Announcement videos like the one above to be funded by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). For example the boating industry was extremely vocal and banned a similar USCG video, Don’t Wreck Your Summer. The U.S.boating industry says such videos show the boating industry in a bad light.

Back to RYA’s supporting page of text, it includes the statements below:

“Failing to wear the kill cord is an unnecessary risk and we want to emphasize the potential consequences of not wearing this vital piece of equipment.”

Summary of RYA advice and recommendations:

  • The RYA recommends that the kill cord be attached around the leg. It should not foul the steering or gear controls.
  • The RYA does not recommend extending the length of the kill cord provided by the manufacturer of the engine.
  • Always check your kill cord works at the start of each day or session and check it regularly for signs of wear.
  • When replacing kill cords, purchase a genuine replacement lanyard with a strengthening cord through the middle.
  • Do not leave kill cords out in the elements. Extremes of temperature and UV light will harm the lanyard in the long term.
  • If your lanyard has a fabric outer sheath, but has lost its spiral tension, it is advisable to replace it as it is possible that the inner strengthening cord may be damaged.
  • Keep a spare kill cord on board.

A big thanks again to RYA for this great video!

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