Typical Crass Comments Made Online to Propeller Accident News Reports and Trial Reports

After reading the negative comments left on hundreds of propeller accidents reported in the media, we see some common themes. We thought we would make a check list so readers could just select the ones they want by topic. We have seen all these before. The phrases in quotes are direct quotes from their posts.

Typical Crass Words for Propeller Victims in Online Discussions

Typical Crass Words for Propeller Victims in Online Discussions

It was their fault

  • Drunk, Alcohol, Beer
  • Stupid
  • “he is a total idiot”


  • Thin the herd
  • Darwin
  • Natural selection
  • “Stupid people shouldn’t breed”
  • “Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce”


  • “She’s ugly”

Lawyers Are Evil

  • Lawyers
  • “Greedy lawyer”
  • “Trial Lawyers”
  • “Purely a money grab by the lawyers in my humble opinion.”

Going After the Big Guys

  • Deep Pockets

Refusing to Take Responsibility

  • “personal responsibility has gone out the window”
  • “Consumers want to have their cake and eat it too .. they want their fun, but refuse to take responsibility for the safe operation and inherent dangers.”
  • “a tree could fall on you too if not correctly cut.”
  • If I get in an accident driving drunk, maybe I will sue the state for not having wider lanes.
  • “I guess this opens the door to sue tire manufacturers everytime someone is ran over by a car.”

Safety Devices Are Being Forced On Us

  • Tire guards

References to Previous Legal Cases and Other Industries With Product Liability Issues

  • McDonald’s coffee
  • Cessna small planes


  • Absurd
  • “Makes me sick”
  • ridiculous

Harsh Even for These Guys

  • Guess we won’t be seeing any pictures of her in the swimsuit thread.
  • be glad your STUPID head wasn’t cut off—-live on!!
  • You know she messed up that prop!! I hear counter-suit!


  • We need to take control back of the legal system
  • Somebody making propeller guards is behind all this. They want to force everybody to buy their guards
  • “Prop Guards don’t work.

We are more impressed by the negative and wacko comments that are more individualist to the specific accident. Below are exact quotes from some of these:

  • “Wasn’t there but since it was close to shore doubt he had a dive flag. Hope he survives. With those fresh propeller marks on his back he will make a great manatee for this coming Halloween’s parties.”
  • Reference to a well known propeller accident victim – “Propeller Boy”

We started to say something about encouraging people to think of others and quite making crass comments, then we realized how well that would be received so we didn’t :)


  1. Well done. I wonder if those people were to read what they wrote a few days later if they would feel mean. The victims are wives, husbands, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers whos lives and those around them have been changed forever. I wonder if they would be as mean if it was one of thier loved ones who were injured.

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