History of Boat Propeller Safety Issues & the Propeller Safety Movement

We have long considered trying to create a timeline of recreational boat propeller safety issues, accidents, legal cases, and the propeller safety movement.

As a preparatory effort to any future efforts at documenting the history of propeller safety, we created, “A History of Recreational Boat Propeller Safety Issues and the Propeller Safety Movement”

We recognize the events listed are described in a very abbreviated form, and much has yet to be added. We are publishing it in it current form to request your input in helping us further develop this history.

Download the paper in pdf format from the link below.

A History of Recreational Boat Propeller Safety

Download Report Here

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Please post your comments and suggestions using the comment box below, or contact us directly using the Contact Us tab in the top menu.

We are already aware of several items we still need to include and will start building a list below for future updates.

Future Updates

  • Cover the history of neutral shifting issues as they relate to propeller safety
  • Cover the history of steering failures as they relate to propeller safety

Other Boat Propeller Safety Histories

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