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Propeller Guards Required by U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Events

U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) was facing skyrocketing insurance costs for open water swimming events. Costs have risen so high that many members would no longer be able to compete. As a part of the changes, boats will now be required to have propeller guards. Nadine Day, USMS President, says the increased insurance premium was mostly […]

Mitigating Boat Propeller Injuries & Fatalities Chart

Propeller guards on the market in early 2013 are not the optimal solution for all recreational boats and applications. In addition to propeller guards several other propeller safety devices and approaches can mitigate (reduce the frequency and severity) of boat propeller accidents. We created a chart to illustrate these approaches and their relationships to one […]

Swim Platform Seats: An Attractive Nuisance to Children, Youth, & Adults?

Lora and I attended the 2013 Tulsa Boat Show on Wednesday January 30th. We were quickly overwhelmed with swim platform seats, aft facing seats, swim deck seating. Swim platform seats were almost ubiquitous on midsize and large boats. The extreme popularity of this design can lead to some problems. Most of the boats with swim […]

Propeller Warning Labels Seen at the 2013 Tulsa Boat Show

We attended the 2013 Tulsa Boat Show on Wednesday afternoon January 30, 2013. Following up on our 2012 post on Propeller Warning Labels at the Tulsa Boat Show, once again, Lora and I walked around and photographed propeller warning labels / decals. Once again we were surprised at the variety of decals and warnings. Lora […]

A Busy Day of Propeller Safety News: January 31, 2013

We receive news feeds from many sources. Sometimes our own articles create news, sometimes our viewers send in propeller safety news that just occurred, commercial news feeds often supply news with three dates (yesterday from remote parts of the world, today from the U.S., and tomorrow from developed countries across the international date line). On […]

Charlie Hutton Corner’s Inquest Calls for Promoting Propeller Safety & Awareness

The Isle of Wight corner’s inquest was resumed into the death of Charlie Hutton. We previously covered the 20 July 2012 Charlie Hutton Propeller Accident off the Isle of Wight (off the south east coast of England) near a picturesque area with some tall rocks known as the Needles. The 14 year old boy from […]