Propeller Solutions Launches Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Propeller Guards

Propeller Solutions Propeller Guard

Propeller Solutions Propeller Guard

Propeller Solutions in the UK launched a line of stainless steel propeller guards in September 2012 that can be nylon coated. They are available in red, black, and now in orange (arrival of the new orange units was announced 28 September 2012). says these are the propeller guards used by Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue on 25 and 40HP engines (this application has received a lot of press). Propeller Solutions says Yamaha UK tested them with a PowerTech propeller and found them to the most efficient propeller guards they had ever tested.

From the images they are of the surf lifesaving variety (flat vanes) but the vanes do not appear to be as close as required by the official lifesaving boats. The propeller guards are now available to fit Yamaha 20 to 90 HP four strokes, Yamaha 20N two strokes, and Mariner 30 two strokes. The guard is sometimes called a prop deflector.

We are guessing the Propeller Solutions guard is the new stainless steel propeller guard Yamaha is talking about in the recent Yamaha swift water propeller guard announcements.

We notice the non-coated versions on eBay today (14 October 2012) for 432 British pounds.

The “cage” portion of Propeller Solutions’ propeller guard resembles the Prop Buddy guard by Robert Hooper (is more open than a tight mesh), except it uses flattened vanes instead of round rods. Propeller Solution’s guard bolts to the cavitation plate vs. using a harness like Prop Buddy did.

We anticipate Propeller Solutions’ bolt on approach would be easier and more economical to manufacture, but take longer to install (have to drill holes in the cavitation plate). Propeller Solutions’ propeller guard would also be more challenging to install from the water (drilling holes in the drive while the boat is still in the water would be challenging). However, most small boats / trailer boats are easily and frequently pulled from the water.

We also note that Yamnar once offered small outboards with pre-formed holes for accepting a propeller guard. If Yamaha continues to be successful with Propeller Solutions’ guard, they may do the same.

We congratulate Propeller Solutions for entering the propeller safety market and for their success in getting Yamaha Motor UK Pro interested in their guard for rescue and flooding applications. Plus they, Propeller Solutions, are doing a nice job with the social media tools currently being overlooked by many others in this business.

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