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Nichols Marine Tournament Series Championship Grand Lake September 2015

I attended day one of the 19-20 September 2015 Nichols Marine Tournament Series Championship bass tournament at Wolf Creek boat ramp on Grand Lake. This was a chance to see the Wolf Creek ramp facilities in action during a large tournament (195 boats) prior to the Bassmaster Classic in March 2016 as well as to […]

Bassmaster Classic 2016 Grand Lake / Wolf Creek boat ramp facilities preview

This is part of our advance coverage of the 2016 Bassmaster Classic fishing tournament to be held on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake. With the tournament coming back to Grand Lake (was here in 2013) we decided to take an early look at the facilities layout back in May 2015. I arrived on site at Wolf Creek […]

Bass Tournament industry to be covered by

We will be using this new category to cover bass tournament fishing from the aspect of safety methods, procedures, products, technologies, innovations and other topics relevant to boating safety and how things learned from this field might improve the safety of normal boaters. Somewhat like how race car safety has led to safety innovations in […]